The eight best three-spoke alloy wheels ever made

I also seem to be spending much more time looking out of the upstairs bedroom windows. One of the static sights from my first floor vantage point is a small group of cars parked-up, most of which haven’t moved for some time now. One of these includes an E46 BMW 3 Series, a green coupe example that I’d not seen locally before, until the lockdown was imposed. The Bimmer seems to be in reasonable order overall, but it is let down considerably by some dodgy non-original alloy wheels. Looking like something bought cheaply from a fire damage sale at an auto accessory shop, the E46 is shod with nasty aftermarket three-spoke alloys (possibly Ronals) that simply don’t suit the car, this being all the more galling as these BMWs were usually fitted with perfectly acceptable factory-fit seven-spoke alloys.

Quite why anyone would choose to replace the OEM alloys with these three-spokers that simply don’t suit the car is beyond me, particularly as secondhand BMW factory alloys can be found for less than the cost of these nasty aftermarket atrocities.

Three-spoke alloy wheels can often look amazing of course, when fitted to car they were specifically designed for, but on this 3 Series (as well as various Golfs, Civics, Skyline GT-Rs and so on that also seem to attract ill-suited none-OEM three-spoke alloys) they really detract from the car’s appearance.

Some three-spoke alloys, originally specified and factory-fitted for selected model derivatives, can appear to be a poor match, such as those fitted as standard on some older Suzuki Jimny and Vitara models, as well as the sportier Volvo S/V40 variants (the latter using an attractive split-spoke design), but a great number of cars really benefit from the inclusion of a well-designed ‘triple spoker.’

Here are nine such cars, eight of them enhanced by a set of thoughtfully-considered three-spoke alloy wheels, plus one that is best forgotten…