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Attend the Lateral Flow Workshop, May 2020 Amsterdam


Why you should attend the Lateral Flow Workshop 2020

The BioDot Lateral Flow Workshop is set to return to Amsterdam in 2020 for the biggest ever edition of this key annual event.

Delegates from across the world will attend the three-day workshop in May to learn the basics of lateral flow diagnostics and to discuss the latest trends in the technology.

With more than 20 speakers and a range of hands-on practical sessions delivered by industry experts, developers and manufacturers, the 2020 workshop promises to be the biggest and best yet.

So, why should

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Tenerife Police Dismantle 3D Printing Arms Workshop

The Spanish National Police have released a statement announcing their first dismantling of a illegal 3D weapons manufacturing workshop in Spain.

The raid, which was out on September 14, 2020, has only just been made public due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The operation was carried out with officials from the Spanish tax agency, and involved a raid on a property in Tenerife leading to the arrest of a suspect on the charges of illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

The authorities also seized two 3D printers, 11 spools of filament for the printers and numerous computer devices used

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Workshop toolkit

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2020 aims to protect children and adolescents from industry manipulation and prevent them from nicotine and tobacco use. This campaign toolkit includes various activities that can be implemented by teachers in the classroom setting – whether virtual or in person –  or by parents at home. These activities will serve to expose tobacco and related industry tactics to hook youth on nicotine and tobacco products and empower youth to refuse industry manipulation and join the tobacco-free generation.


Adolescents are more likely to initiate tobacco use if they lack the awareness of tobacco and related

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E-Learning Workshop 2020 | News

April 20, 2020 — Park University’s Office of Continuing Education is offering a four-week online workshop geared for K-12 teachers to help in the transition to e-learning. The workshop, “From the Schoolhouse to Their House: A New Playbook for Teaching and Learning,” will kick off on Monday, May 4.

The workshop was designed by educators in K-12 and higher education settings, as well as instructional designers. Each night (Monday through Thursday) at 7 p.m. Central time during the four weeks, expert panels will present a variety of session topics, including:
          •  Makeover Mondays, such as Taking What I Already Have

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Workshop inspired creative expression in cellblocks

When a student named Justin wrote pieces for a creative writing workshop offered by the Yale Prison Education Initiative (YPEI) this summer, he felt like he was sharing his heart with the world.

The workshop, which was offered to inmates at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute in Suffield, Connecticut, made him feel his heart was “treated as a heart should be,” Justin said.

I couldn’t have dreamt up a more thoughtful world for my writings,” added the 32-year-old incarcerated student, one of 27 individuals at the correctional facility who participated in the workshop. (The last names of the incarcerated students

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