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Automotive news, photos and videos – January 23rd 2021

2021 Ford Bronco Gets Aftermarket Decals From Rider Graphix

2021-01-23 / The 2021 Ford Bronco looks pretty neat with Rider Graphix aftermarket decals, which cost from $89.95 for rear-quarter side graphics to $289.95 for hood graphics


2022 VW Golf GTI Clubsport Shows Impressive Autobahn Acceleration
2022 VW Golf GTI Clubsport Shows Impressive Autobahn Acceleration

2021-01-23 / Besides the acceleration video, we’ve also got a POV night drive; the dashboard illumination is really nice… if you’re into that on a hot hatch


1992 Ford Mustang Fox Body With Coyote V8 Swap Is OEM Restomodding Done Right
1992 Ford Mustang Fox Body With Coyote V8 Swap Is OEM Restomodding Done Right

2021-01-23 / After it gets an E85 tune from Palm Beach Dyno, this Fox-body

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Bill Ford is Automotive News’ 2020 Indusry Leader of the Year

Ford says the decision makes business sense, especially as it ramps up its electric vehicle offerings. He also felt it was the right decision ethically, despite the political implications.

“I’ve always believed we should be looking long term,” he said. “I feel like I’m working for my children and grandchildren. Because of that, you have to ask yourself, what kind of world are they going to come into and inherit?”

One of the vehicles that will help Ford meet those stricter standards will be arriving on dealer lots within weeks: the Mustang Mach-E.

Ford was reluctant to allow the team

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Fox News, Newsmax Walk Back Election Fraud Claims After Voting Machine Manufacturer Threatens Legal Action


Without explicitly addressing their prior coverage, Fox News and Newsmax both aired segments over the past few days walking back a subset of election fraud claims centering around voting machines manufacturer Smartmatic, which earlier this month delivered legal notices to a trio of conservative networks for promoting baseless conspiracy theories about the company.

Key Facts

In a three-minute segment aired on three shows that previously played host to some of the more zany

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All the Automotive News You Missed This Week That You Should Know About

Much as we hate to admit it, we here at Gear Patrol can’t cover all the cool new product developments in the motoring world. Not even close. Between the new vehicles hitting the streets, the technological developments being announced that pave the way for the cars of tomorrow, and all the accessories and modifications whipped up by even just the reputable companies alone, we’d need a staff of a dozen working around the clock to even hope to cover everything that might pique your interest.

So we’ve decided to try something new: pulling together a quick list of some of

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2020-bergstrom-infiniti | Automotive News

Bergstrom Automotive took a centralized approach to COVID-19 protocol for its dealerships. As such, the group provided a singular response to Automotive News‘ survey questions, which focused heavily on the pandemic, for all 16 of its stores that made the Best Dealerships To Work For list this year.

Dealer: John Bergstrom

Dealership group: Bergstrom Automotive

Full-time employees: 25

CEO John Bergstrom on lessons from the pandemic about being a better employer:
“We have to understand our team members’ personal lives much more deeply. We were always focused on our teammates as family and engaged with their significant others, children’s

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