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Georgia election official: Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload

The companies “uploaded something last night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch,” said Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County Board of Election. That glitch prevented pollworkers from using the pollbooks to program smart cards that the voters insert into the voting machines.

Ridley said that a representative from the two companies called her after poll workers began having problems with the equipment Tuesday morning and said the problem was due to an upload to the machines by one of their technicians overnight.

“That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything

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Automotive trade, environmental policy at stake in 2020 Trump vs. Biden presidential election

Both men running for president want to see more manufacturing jobs in the U.S., but their approach to trade will likely be very different.

Biden would be more open to multilateral negotiations with partners, some analysts say, while Trump would continue his go-it-alone strategy.

“Those who produce in the U.S. for the U.S. market will fare better under both presidents,” said CAR’s Dziczek.

Analysts say Biden might bring the U.S. into the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free-trade pact signed by Canada, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam and seven other countries. The nations crafted the pact after Trump

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While there have been minor glitches at the polls, Election Day relatively smooth so far

Fears that Election Day would be marred by widespread voting problems, hacking or intimidation at the polls mostly evaporated Tuesday as millions of Americans donned masks against the ongoing pandemic and voted.

While there were reports of malfunctioning machines at some polling sites and reports of robocalls spreading misinformation to confuse voters, election officials appeared to have learned from the disarray of the 2016 contest and primaries earlier this year and their quick fixes seemed to be working.

“At this point, this just looks like any other Election Day, and even just another Tuesday,” a senior official with the Department

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Laptop, USBs stolen from Philadelphia election machine warehouse

Philadelphia police are investigating the theft of an employee’s laptop and encrypted USB flash drives from an election machine warehouse, the Philadelphia City Commissioner’s office confirmed Wednesday. Officials said the stolen laptop did not contain any election materials and wasn’t capable of programming any of the city’s election machines.

The city commissioner’s office said the laptop’s security features prevent unauthorized access and that the user account has already been disabled, according to CBS Philly. They added that they were “rechecking all of the seals on the already tested machines.”

“We are confident that this incident will not in any way

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With An Election On The Horizon, Older Adults Get Help Spotting Fake News : NPR

Bre Clark leads a workshop at the Schweinhaut Senior Center in Silver Spring, Md., called “How to Spot Fake News.”

Sam Gringlas/NPR

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Sam Gringlas/NPR

Bre Clark leads a workshop at the Schweinhaut Senior Center in Silver Spring, Md., called “How to Spot Fake News.”

Sam Gringlas/NPR

At the Schweinhaut Senior Center in suburban Maryland, about a dozen seniors gather around iPads and laptops, investigating a suspicious meme of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Plastered over her image, in big, white block letters, a caption reads:

“California will receive 13 extra seats in Congress by including 10 million

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