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Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. to Host Earnings Call

The Fiscal Times

The Tax Hikes Tucked Into Biden’s Covid Relief Plan

Democrats inserted three tax hikes on the wealthy and large corporations into their $1.9 trillion Covid rescue plan. Together, the three increases are projected to raise $60 billion, Politico’s Brian Faler writes: “One takes away deductions for publicly traded companies that pay top employees more than $1 million. Another provision cracks down on how multinational corporations do their taxes. A third targets how owners of unincorporated businesses account for their losses. … “The tax increases Democrats picked to help keep their plan’s cost in check had the political

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Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2020 Results Release Date, Webcast and Conference Call


3 Stocks Goldman Sachs Says Are Ready to Rip Higher

Is the bull market about to take a long breather? Not according to Goldman Sachs. In fact, the firm believes the bull market has a long way to run yet; Chief global equity strategist Peter Oppenheimer recently noted that the market was moving from a “’Hope’ phase to a longer ‘Growth’ phase.” The firm’s economists are expecting the economy to sprout higher by 6.8% in 2021 and believe that by the end of the year the unemployment rate could drop to 4.1%. And there’s enough evidence to suggest the

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