Santa’s Workshop closes due to confusion over business classification


CASCADE, Colo. (KRDO) — Monday, the Colorado Department of Health reclassified the theme park from an ‘Outdoor Attraction’ to an ‘Amusement Park’ forcing the business to stop operating their rides and shut down.

While they are technically allowed to open their gift shop, Austin Lawhorn, an employee at the shop, says it’s not worth it.

“We tried to keep the gift shop open but no one comes to buy souvenirs from a place they didn’t get to experience,” Lawhorn said.

In the beginning of June, Santa’s Workshop was included in the third variance process El Paso County Commissioners and the El Paso County Public Health Department passed. Although the type of business was later reclassified by the Colorado Department of Health.

Monday Santa’s Workshop released the following statement:

“We do however feel that we are being treated unfairly by the Colorado Department of Health. Our amusement rides are licensed through the Department of Labor same way all other amusement rides across the state that are currently open are. Examples include Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park, the Royal Gorge, and the mountain coasters open throughout the ski areas. We are supportive of all these parks being open and we just ask to be treated equally. All of these have been able to open through public health order and variances approved by the local health departments. The same activity that we provide is open across the state.”

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