How to Become an Auto Paint Technician | Auto Painting

painting in a paint booth.

The decision to become an auto paint technician provides a pathway to an exciting career that is always in demand. There is no shortage of accidents and fender benders on today’s roadways. That calls for the continual need of auto body repair. Part of that process includes painting refinished vehicles and that requires a certain level of precision. Paint technicians are the ones who put the final touches on collision repair and have the ability to make cars look just as they did when they came out of the showroom. A future as an automotive paint technician awaits with the completion of some easy-to-follow steps that can lead to a lifetime of job stability and competitive pay.

Job Duties of an Auto Paint Technician

Most paint technicians find work in auto body shops while others gain employment at automotive dealers directly. There are also collision centers that feature a team of paint technicians. In any of these settings, auto paint technicians work in an indoor environment that has been meticulously prepared. It is also the duty of a paint technician to ensure all the elements of a workplace are right for auto painting.