Honda reshapes U.S. operations for speed

“Coming out of the pandemic, the way people are buying products, the way people are interacting with dealers — I think everything needed to be put on the table,” he said.

“Our objective here is to try to make sure we become leaner, less bureaucratic, less risk-averse and not afraid to try new things.”

Restructuring Honda’s sprawling U.S. manufacturing operations will be a big undertaking.

Honda said this month that it will combine its U.S. auto manufacturing operations “related to frame, engine, transmission and related purchasing operations into a new company” called Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. Honda R&D Americas is included in the merger, effective April 1.

“Each change is vital to our ongoing effort to make Honda in America stronger and more responsive to the customer, better able to invest in advanced technology and prepared to meet future market needs,” Shinji Aoyama, chief of North American operations and CEO of American Honda, said in a press release.

Included in the consolidation are several Honda auto companies, including Honda of America Manufacturing, Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Honda Accessory America, Honda Precision Parts of Georgia and assembly plants in Alabama and Indiana, Honda said. The new unit, HDMA for short, will be based in Marysville, Ohio, where Honda has extensive manufacturing operations.