E-Learning Workshop 2020 | News

April 20, 2020 — Park University’s Office of Continuing Education is offering a four-week online workshop geared for K-12 teachers to help in the transition to e-learning. The workshop, “From the Schoolhouse to Their House: A New Playbook for Teaching and Learning,” will kick off on Monday, May 4.

The workshop was designed by educators in K-12 and higher education settings, as well as instructional designers. Each night (Monday through Thursday) at 7 p.m. Central time during the four weeks, expert panels will present a variety of session topics, including:
          •  Makeover Mondays, such as Taking What I Already Have and Making it Work
          •  Trauma Tuesdays, such as Meeting the Socioemotional Needs of E-Learners
          •  Weave it Wednesdays, such as Shifting to Interdisciplinary Planning
          •  Thriving Thursdays, such as Striking a Virtual / Actual Balance
In addition, breakout conversations will be provided during the discussions and each weekly session will be different, providing resources and tools to immediately use in the online classroom.

Park University has a long and rich history in designing and delivering online learning courses around the world, having been one of the early adapters to online education in 1996. This experience, coupled with the expertise of K-12 educators who are on the frontlines of e-learning, will assist participants in navigating the various bits of information and best practices to ensure effective teaching for today and the future.

For more information about the workshop and to register ($50 fee), visit park.edu/academics/elearning-a-workshop-for-k-12-teachers. Questions about the workshop can be referred to Katie Ervin, Ed.D., associate vice president of academic operations, [email protected] / (816) 584-6289.