Dominion Voting Systems CEO Poulos Decries ‘Disinformation Campaign’

The chief executive of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos, on Tuesday ripped “the disinformation campaign” claiming his company’s voting machines “switched or deleted votes,” according to The Detroit News.

Poulos, testifying virtually before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday, said: “The disinformation campaign being waged against Dominion defies facts or logic. To date, no one has produced credible evidence of vote fraud or vote switching on Dominion systems because these things simply have not occurred.”

He went on to say the “baseless claims” about Dominion have caused his employees and his family to endure death threats, and “the largest threat, however, has been the assault on confidence in America’s democratic process.”

Poulos said “a series of human errors” were to blame for confusion over the voting totals in Antrim County, noting county election officials failed to update all the memory cards used by tabulators, and they forgot to perform tests on the final system.

“If all of the tabulators had been updated as per procedure, there wouldn’t have been any error in the unofficial reporting,” he said. “If public logic and accuracy testing had taken place, the error would’ve been caught when it should have been caught, prior to the election.”

Poulos added, “If steps weren’t specifically taken to salvage the already printed ballots, the system would not have allowed election officials to upload memory cards, and the reporting error never would have occurred.”

He noted, since Michigan uses paper ballots, a hand recount will show any errors made by his company’s machines.

“All 2020 election audits and recounts conducted thus far of Dominion technology have validated the accuracy and reliability of the results,” he said, adding, “We have yet to see our critics make their allegations under oath as I am doing here today.”

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