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If you are requiring paint for your Classic Car then most likely you will need a colour match. Colour codes, names will only give us a starting point as the colour of the car will have changed from its original colour over all those years.

If you would like this free service and to find out more about our Colour matching service, the process, and what you need to do then please click here.


If you are not sure which type of paint you require, please see here the main differences:


Basecoat – Clear over Base. Basecoat is the paint, which requires a Clear Coat (Lacquer) to be applied after, to provide Gloss and Protection. Most popular and most likely if you car is a metallic.


2K Acrylic – 2K Acrylic provides gloss direct from the gun and therefore does not require Clear Coat after. However this paint requires an activator/hardener for the paint to dry. Solid colours (not containing particles such as metallics) are available in 2K Acrylic, rarely can you get metallic and mica colours in 2K Acrylic.


Cellulose – For Classic Cars, Cellulose does not require a lacquer for gloss, or an activator for it to dry. It will need flat and polishing to bring a gloss effect.


Waterbase – Most modern cars are painted and refinished in Waterbase, a compliant Basecoat that contains water as well as solvents.

For over 20 years Car Colour Services have been supplying advice and materials to professional and amateur restorers alike. Whether its matching a colour for a repair or advising what materials are needed for a bare metal restoration, we believe our experience in Classic Cars is second to none.

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