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Analysis: Fox News’ rivals are using the network’s own dishonest tactics against it

For more than two decades, Fox News has conditioned its audience to distrust news that collides with its worldview or theirs. Inconvenient facts have been dismissed and blamed on the “liberal media” or the “deep state” or one of the many other boogeymen favored by the right at any particular time. 

But now that strategy could be catching up to the conservative cable channel, with rising competition from networks such as Newsmax and OAN, which have positioned themselves as Trumpier than Fox.
On one hand, the network needs to maintain a semblance of having a serious news operation and its
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UB to host 2nd annual wireless communication workshop

Participants include Fortune 500 companies, the chairman of the FCC, military leaders and community development officials

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Fortune 500 companies. The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Senior defense officials. Academics from across the globe, and community development leaders from Upstate New York.

All will take part in a virtual University at Buffalo workshop on Friday to discuss the future of wireless communication.

The diversity of fields the attendees represent, from corporate America and higher education to the military and local government, highlights the important and wide-ranging role that wireless communication plays in society.

“5G and the

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International workshop aims to boost number, success of women in STEM | WSU Insider

A free, online event on Tuesday, Nov. 17 aims to increase the participation and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Presented by Washington State University faculty, “Remedying the Leaky Pipeline for Women in STEM” is a workshop and mentoring/networking event that will bring together mentors and trainees from across the globe in real time. Participants will discuss the barriers women and other underrepresented groups face in pursuing STEM careers and ways of overcoming those hurdles. The event will run 6–9 p.m. PT. Registration is free but required.


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WILD about Turkeys workshop goes virtual

Idaho Fish and Game is pivoting their fall WILD workshop to a virtual setting because of the pandemic.

The WILD workshops focus on helping educators around the state discover new ways to teach wildlife conservation and ecological concepts in their classrooms.

Fish and Game’s popular fall WILD workshop, WILD About Turkeys, will be composed of several modules related to wild turkeys, habitats, conservation, and wildlife management.

“I watched a few lessons one evening, and found a lesson I could use right away,” said Karole Beddoes, who teaches third grade. “We are learning about flight in our engineering unit, and there

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