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New machine learning tool tracks urban traffic congestion

New machine learning tool tracks urban traffic congestion
TranSEC’s near real-time display of traffic state estimation in the entire Los Angeles Metro Area at 6 p.m. on a weekday. This display was computed in less than one hour. Green areas indicate traffic is flowing freely and yellow and red areas indicate congestion. Credit: Image courtesy of Arun Sathanur, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

A new machine learning algorithm is poised to help urban transportation analysts relieve bottlenecks and chokepoints that routinely snarl city traffic.

The tool, called TranSEC, was developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to help urban traffic engineers get access to actionable

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Fox News, Newsmax Walk Back Election Fraud Claims After Voting Machine Manufacturer Threatens Legal Action


Without explicitly addressing their prior coverage, Fox News and Newsmax both aired segments over the past few days walking back a subset of election fraud claims centering around voting machines manufacturer Smartmatic, which earlier this month delivered legal notices to a trio of conservative networks for promoting baseless conspiracy theories about the company.

Key Facts

In a three-minute segment aired on three shows that previously played host to some of the more zany

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Voting machine company files $1.3B suit against pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who pushed false election claims

Powell earlier wrote on social media that she would be “retracting nothing.”

“She has directly accused Dominion of fraud, election rigging, bribery, and conspiracy, which are serious crimes,” the company wrote in its complaint filed in D.C. federal court. “Powell’s statements have exposed Dominion

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Machine learning and big data are unlocking Europe’s archives

Machine learning and big data are unlocking Europe’s archives
AI models that can be trained to recognise and transcribe historical handwritten documents are helping digitise national and city archives. Credit: under CC0

From wars to weddings, Europe’s history is stored in billions of archival pages across the continent. While many archives try to make their documents public, finding information in them remains a low-tech affair. Simple page scans do not offer the metadata such as dates, names, locations that often interest researchers. Copying this information for later use is also time-consuming.

These issues are well-known in Amsterdam, which is trying to disclose its entire archives. For the notary

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Dominion Voting Systems machine company executive sues Trump allies for defamation

Trump has called Dominion Voting Systems “a disaster,” and his supporters have pushed the conspiracy theory that the company deleted votes for Trump on its voting equipment and that Dominion’s director of product strategy and security, Eric Coomer, helped subvert the election.

There is no evidence that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, and his administration and election officials have called it the “most secure” election in US history. President-elect Joe Biden won the popular vote by more than 7 million votes and the electoral map 306 to 232.

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