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Modern Automotive Paintwork – Explained by the Ultimate Finish

Common Paintwork Defects and Examples Of Coating Thickness

Paintwork defects such as scratches, swirls and holograms are all removable by machine polishing. Machine polishing is a recognised method of paint correction for professionals and a growing number of amateur enthusiasts are also taking up the handle. But how much is commonly known about the process behind paint correction and the science behind paint application technology?

Absolutely paramount to the whole procedure is understanding paint, its composition, its thickness and ultimately knowing how much you have to play with. How much is being removed each time the paint correction process is undertaken?

The thickness of the paint you see

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The Best Automotive Paint Guns (Review) in 2020

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If you’re thinking about painting your car or truck, you want a smooth and even texture that can only be achieved by using an automotive paint gun. It’s a handy tool for home mechanics and DIYers who want to refresh the surface of a vehicle without spending a lot of money. However, with so many options available it can be challenging to choose the right product. In the buying guide below, we include some of the top affordable automotive paint

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Buy Automotive Paint & Equipment

Buying automotive paint can be daunting without a trusted brand by your side. There are a lot of things you may need to consider: what you’re painting, how many coats it’ll require, color-matching, finish styles, surface conditions, rust and so on. And that’s just for a mild paintjob. But whatever project you’re about to undertake, you can be sure that it’ll go smoother with auto paint and equipment from Eastwood Paint. Since 1978, our automotive paint and supplies have been trusted throughout the DIY community for quality, coating ability, performance and everything else needed to make your car look amazing.

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How to Become an Auto Paint Technician | Auto Painting

painting in a paint booth.

The decision to become an auto paint technician provides a pathway to an exciting career that is always in demand. There is no shortage of accidents and fender benders on today’s roadways. That calls for the continual need of auto body repair. Part of that process includes painting refinished vehicles and that requires a certain level of precision. Paint technicians are the ones who put the final touches on collision repair and have the ability to make cars look just as they did when they came out of the showroom. A future as an automotive

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Best Car Paint Protection 2019

SAVE yourself a pretty penny at the dealership with do-it-yourself car paint protection

This is something that now gets offered with all new car purchases.


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Car paint protection can come over as one of the most controversial upselling products around.

However, there are some genuine benefits to having your paint professionally protected.

If you’re wondering what car paint protection is, you need to first understand what it is not.

It’s not something your paint job absolutely needs – these days paint is applied very professionally and clear coats on top of the colour coat do

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