Month: November 2020

Automotive news, photos and videos – November 22nd 2020

Designer Tweaks 2022 Subaru BRZ With Sharper Rear Haunches

2020-11-22 / If there’s something that Subaru could improve on the BRZ, that would be the design of the rear quarter panels of the boxer-engined sports car


The Aurora Sport Yacht Is Hard and Fast Outside but Soft and Plush Inside
The Aurora Sport Yacht Is Hard and Fast Outside but Soft and Plush Inside

2020-11-22 / This 160-foot yacht is able to offer a top speed of 26 knots due to the use of an aluminum hull. Inside, luxury and comfort are the main focus.


Watch These Supercars Get the MaxPass Wheelie Treatment
Watch These Supercars Get the MaxPass Wheelie Treatment

2020-11-22 / MaxWrist has been releasing some insane overtaking videos over

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UB to host 2nd annual wireless communication workshop

Participants include Fortune 500 companies, the chairman of the FCC, military leaders and community development officials

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Fortune 500 companies. The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Senior defense officials. Academics from across the globe, and community development leaders from Upstate New York.

All will take part in a virtual University at Buffalo workshop on Friday to discuss the future of wireless communication.

The diversity of fields the attendees represent, from corporate America and higher education to the military and local government, highlights the important and wide-ranging role that wireless communication plays in society.

“5G and the

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This Modified 2020 Mahindra Thar Looks Cool With Massive 20-Inch Alloys

2020 Mahindra Thar custom alloy wheels 1

Check out this customised second-generation Mahindra Thar, which wears a set of pretty-looking 20-inch machine-cut alloy wheels

The 2020 Mahindra Thar was introduced in the Indian market last month, and buyers rushing to buy one. The SUV has managed to rake in over 20,000 bookings in just a month since its launch! In its debut month, Mahindra & Mahindra delivered 1,207 units of the Thar in India, and a few modified examples of it have already popped up online!

In India, customised vehicles are extremely popular, especially modified SUVs. We’ve seen plenty of examples over the years, consisting of everything

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The 12 Coolest Machine-Learning Startups Of 2020

 Learning Curve

Artificial intelligence has been a hot technology area in recent years and machine learning, a subset of AI, is one of the most important segments of the whole AI arena.

Machine learning is the development of intelligent algorithms and statistical models that improve software through experience without the need to explicitly code those improvements. A predictive analysis application, for example, can become more accurate over time through the use of machine learning.

But machine learning has its challenges. Developing machine-learning models and systems requires a confluence of data science, data engineering and development skills. Obtaining and managing the

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Honda reshapes U.S. operations for speed

“Coming out of the pandemic, the way people are buying products, the way people are interacting with dealers — I think everything needed to be put on the table,” he said.

“Our objective here is to try to make sure we become leaner, less bureaucratic, less risk-averse and not afraid to try new things.”

Restructuring Honda’s sprawling U.S. manufacturing operations will be a big undertaking.

Honda said this month that it will combine its U.S. auto manufacturing operations “related to frame, engine, transmission and related purchasing operations into a new company” called Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. Honda R&D

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