Democrats sue to block ‘audit’ of 2020 Arizona election

One particular focus of concern for the county: The work of audit leader Cyber Ninjas, whose owner has promoted false claims about the 2020 election.

PHOENIX — Maricopa County delivered the first shipment of ballot-counting machines Wednesday for Arizona Senate Republicans’ audit, but only after the Senate agreed to shield the county from any legal or financial liability connected to the audit, according to documents obtained by 12 News.

One particular focus of concern for the county: The work of audit leader Cyber Ninjas, whose owner has promoted false claims about the 2020 election. Some of those claims have targeted

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Ford suspends more F-150 pickup, Explorer production due to microchip shortage

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday informed workers that it is extending downtime at key North American plants — including at one of two sites that build the top-selling F-150 pickup — between one and two weeks because of the ongoing chip shortage.

In a memo to employees obtained by Automotive News and confirmed with the company, Ford said the Chicago and Flat Rock, Mich., plants as well as both the F-150 and Transit van sides of its Kansas City, Mo., plant will be down the weeks of May 3 and 10.

Flat Rock, which builds the Mustang, and

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Car paint protection explained: does your car need it?

Cars are destined to pick up stone chips, scratches and other marks on the paintwork – it’s just a fact of life. That’s where car paint protection comes in. You may be thinking about protecting your car’s paintwork or maybe you’ve been asked by your dealer if you’d like it applied to a new car purchase, but what exactly is car paint protection and should you get it?

There are several different ways to protect your car’s paintwork, from low-cost, do-it-yourself options up to professional treatments that could cost thousands on large, high-end cars. Here we’ll take a closer look

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Attend the Lateral Flow Workshop, May 2020 Amsterdam


Why you should attend the Lateral Flow Workshop 2020

The BioDot Lateral Flow Workshop is set to return to Amsterdam in 2020 for the biggest ever edition of this key annual event.

Delegates from across the world will attend the three-day workshop in May to learn the basics of lateral flow diagnostics and to discuss the latest trends in the technology.

With more than 20 speakers and a range of hands-on practical sessions delivered by industry experts, developers and manufacturers, the 2020 workshop promises to be the biggest and best yet.

So, why should

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Trends in Machine Learning in 2020

By Tanya Singh.

To many, Machine Learning may be a new word, but it was first coined by Arthur Samuel in 1952, and since then, the constant evolution of Machine Learning has made it the go-to technology for many sectors. Right from robotic process automation to technical expertise, Machine Learning technology is extensively used to make predictions and get valuable insight into business operations. It’s considered as the subset of Artificial Intelligence (intelligence demonstrated by machines).

If we go by the books, Machine Learning can be defined as a scientific study of statistical models and complex algorithms that primarily

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